Yes, you must use all the same hardware (microphone and computer) for all your recordings. Changing your hardware (including changing to a different microphone of the same make and model) can alter the way your voice is captured, which can negatively impact the quality of the voice we create. We have set up the ModelTalker system to not allow you to record with hardware other than the one you were advanced with. If there is some extraneous circumstance in which you have to record with different hardware, please let us know before trying to record with new hardware. When you let us know, we will ask you to complete another test set so that we can compare your old recordings’ audio quality to your new recordings’ audio quality. If you must change your hardware (e.g., because of a problem with your mic or computer) please let us know right away; don’t try to keep recording or switch hardware. Should there be some problem, we will let you know what we think can be done to rectify the issue.

Must I use the same microphone and computer for my test and standard recording?