We are presently accepting registrations for:

  • Voice Banking: Users who need (or will need) a voice for assistive communication. This includes people who have been diagnosed with ALS/MND, people who face other voice/speech threatening conditions, and people who are already dysarthric but have some ability to produce some speech sounds.
  • Voice Donation: Users who want to donate their voice to help others with communication needs. Donations may be directed for a specific individual, or provided for our general use in matching voices to users in need. Donated voices are also used in our research to improve speech synthesis quality and naturalness.
  • Clinician: Professionals assisting users who have communication needs such as Speech/Language Pathologists, Speech Therapists, or others working with AAC.
  • Other assistant: Friends or family members of a voice banker who need to register to lend assistance with voice banking. For example, someone who is helping to get a computer set up for a voice banker who is uncomfortable working with computers and audio.

If you are not in one of the above groups of potential users of this service, but are interested in the technology, please see our About Us page or our Frequently Asked Questions and other resources under the help Menu. You are also welcome to email with questions.