ModelTalker is a Text to Speech or TTS voice, not a communication device. On Windows systems, a very basic app called ModelTalker2, which you can use to test your voice and adjust settings, is included in your voice download. For other operating systems and devices, you may be able to play a sentence within the systems settings where the system default voice is selected. But to make real use of your voice, you will want to find an AAC app or an AAC device specifically designed for communication to make good use of your voice. We recommend that you speak with an AAC clinical specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, or Speech Language Therapist to get assistance in finding the best device or app for your needs.

Your ModelTalker voice can be installed for use by a variety of programs and apps on recent Microsoft Windows computers, notebooks, and Windows 8 mobile devices as well as Mac desktop and laptop computers. Voices can also be used on iOS and Android mobile devices. Note that most special-purpose AAC or Speech Generating Devices made by many manufacturers are actually Windows or Android tablets that have been specifically tailored for use as communication devices, so they may allow you to use your ModelTalker voice with the device. If you want to use an app or SGD that does not currently support ModelTalker voices, be sure to tell the manufacturer or their representative. We would be happy to work with them if they want to expand their system to support ModelTalker voices.

If I make a voice, how can I use it?