Important Note: Be sure to fully quit Chrome before following the instructions below and always plug in your USB microphone before starting Chrome so that the USB microphone is available when Chrome starts.

  • Open System Preferences > Sound > Input
  • Make sure the “Use ambient noise reduction” box is NOT checked. (Note: you might have to unplug your headset to see that option and some Mac desktop computers do not have this check box.)
  • With your headset plugged in, make sure it is the selected option for Input (microphone) and Output (earphones).
  • This is now less important because you can directly select your microphone in the recorder settings box, but the instruction is here in case you want another way to check. Open Chrome and click on the 3 horizontal bars at the end of the address bar. Select “Settings”, scroll down, and select “Show advanced settings”. Under “Privacy” click “Content settings”, scroll down to the “Media” section and select the headset from the Microphone drop-down menu if it isn’t already selected.
  • Close all other programs and all other websites.
  • You can now log into and begin recording. While recording, you can periodically click on the camera icon in the right side of Chrome’s address bar to be sure your microphone remains the selected microphone. If it is not, select it and redo the settings silence measurement.

Note: You should probably print this page and keep it by the computer to use every time you start a recording session.