Most AAC/SGD apps and devices from Tobii-Dynavox, PRC, SmartBox, Saltillo, and others that are based on Windows or Android will be able to use your ModelTalker voice. One caveat: The kind of Windows apps that are installed via the Microsoft app store does not work with ModelTalker voices, because our Windows voices are compliant with Microsoft’s SAPI 5 standard and Microsoft app store software is not.

On iOS devices (iPad & iPhone), ModelTalker voices work with Predictable and ChatAble apps from TherapyBox. Predictable is used by many ALS patients. ChatAble is more geared toward children. At present, no other iOS apps support ModelTalker voices.

Our voices also install as system voices on Mac desktop and laptop computers for macOS 10.8 and above. There appears to be only one application for Macs (Proloquo4Text) that has SGD features. However, Macs integrate TTS voices with most text-based applications and can be good for testing voices.

If you are thinking of using a specific device or application, always check with the manufacturer to be sure you have the most up-to-date information from them, as features change over time.

Which AAC or SGD apps and devices work with my ModelTalker voice?