High quality audio recording requires a reasonably powerful laptop or desktop computer for ideal results. If you have access to a Mac laptop or desktop system and good internet connection, our users have generally had the least amount of trouble with those systems. Some of the least expensive ChromeBooks, Android or Windows laptops and tablets have been problematic for our users. More powerful Windows laptops or desktops with Core i5 or i7 CPUs have have generally been acceptable. For iOS devices such as iPads, we are developing a new recording app, but it is not presently available.

There are two possible recording options: Online and offline. We highly recommend recording online via the web recorder on our website. This will require the Google Chrome web browser (which can be downloaded and installed for free on any computer). Online recording will also require a fairly strong and consistent internet connection. For Windows users who don’t have a sufficient internet connection, we also offer a Windows-only app (called the ModelTalker Voice Recorder, or MTVR) for offline recording, but this is an old legacy product that we only recommend as a last resort.

What are the basic computer and internet requirements for creating a voice?