First, you must have a PC or laptop with audio capabilities and a good quality consumer grade or better head-mounted microphone. We now offer the possibility of using either a web-based recording tool or an installable Windows program called MTVR. When you are set up to record, you will then carefully record a short inventory of 10 sentences for us to review. The recording tool will guide you through that process by prompting you for each utterance that is needed. After you upload these test speech files to our server, we will look them over and possibly make suggestions for creating better recordings. If all is well, you will be able to start voice banking using our inventory of up to 3155 sentences. It is not necessary to record all 3155 sentences, but they are there for anyone who wants to create the very best possible sounding voice. Further, those sentences can be supplemented by added Custom sentences that you would like to record. Although most sentences are fairly short, the total amount of running speech is around two hours if you choose to record all 3155 sentences. Because the inventory is recorded one sentence at a time, and it may take more than one try to get a sentence right, you should expect that recording the standard inventory will take 15 hours or more distributed over multiple days; for some people it can take a lot longer. When all of the phrases are recorded, we will convert your recordings to a synthetic voice. This may take several days. As soon as it is ready we will send you a web link to audition examples of your voice and select one you like.

What is involved in creating a personal synthetic voice?
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