ModelTalker Registration (donor)

Thank you for your interest in donating your speech to help others who are non-vocal! Please complete and submit this form to create a voice donor account and receive a registration code. This will allow you to download the ModelTalker Voice Recorder or login to record online.

In addition to using your donated speech to create voices for others, we will provide you with a copy of your own synthetic voice and software that will allow you to use it only for personal use on many PC, or Mac, computers or Andoid tablets. Our voices are only available with special communication software on iOS devices.

The information about you that we request is intended only for contact purposes and to characterize your speech to help us match your speech to possible recipients. Please fill out the registration form as completely as you can.

Important Note: If the voice donor is under 18, this form should be completed by the donor's parent or legal guardian. A field for the legal guardian's name will appear at the end of this form for donors under 18.

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By clicking Register and submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am the above named Donor ('Donor'), or Donor's parent/legal guardian and hereby grant The Nemours Foundation ('Nemours') full and complete permission to record my/Donor's speech as a donation to help develop synthetic voices for non-vocal children and adults. The speech recordings and synthetic voices derived from the speech recordings may be used, reproduced, distributed, modified, transmitted, transferred, and licensed for any purpose and by all means, now known or hereafter devised. I hereby release Nemours, its directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all claims and liability in connection with the use, reproduction, modification, transmission, distribution, transfer, and license of the recordings. I acknowledge and agree that the foregoing release shall be binding on the Donor and the Donor's guardians, heirs, successors, representatives, agents and assigns, and may be used to the benefit of Nemours, its subsidiaries, affiliates, transferees, assignees, licensees and successors.

* I have read and agree to the ModelTalker End User License and Terms of Service.


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