We hope to build an inventory of high quality voices representative of as many different dialects as possible from around the English-speaking world and make these voices available at minimal cost to individuals who need an appropriate-sounding voice for use in assistive communication devices. To this end, we are seeking voice donations from people with some experience in audio recording who have access to high quality audio equipment and a studio-like environment. Unlike voice bankers and those assisting voice recipients by serving as a proxy to do recording, we apply fairly strict criteria when screening potential voice donors.

We are particularly keen to receive donations from children and teens whose voices might be shared with other children. However, recording to make a good quality synthetic voice is challenging, especially for children, who really cannot do this without assistance from an adult.

To become a donor, here’s what you will need to do:

  1. Register with us to create a secure voice donor account.
  2. Choose the recording method you want to use: MTVR (Windows only) or our web-based recording tool.
    • If using MTVR, install it, go through the tutorial, and get set up to record.
    • If using the web recorder, follow our interactive online training.
  3. Record 10 screening sentences, upload them to our server, and wait for an email from us. It normally takes a day or two to hear back, a little longer if you record on a weekend.
    • If everything is fine, we will provide instructions for moving on to step 4.
    • If we see any problems, we can suggest ways to fix them and may ask you to repeat step 3.
  4. Record the full inventory of 1600 sentences and upload them to our server.
  5. After completing the recording, we will build a preliminary version of your voice for testing purposes. You may download a copy of this synthetic voice for your own personal use on your computer (Windows, OS X, Linux) or Android mobile devices.

If you are ready to have us walk you through the steps, let’s