If you are:

  • A clinical professional such as a speech/Language Pathologist or Therapist who works with patients doing banking
  • A family member or friend interesting in helping someone else with voice banking

we encourage you to register here so we can help you to help others with voice banking. Voice banking remains an experimental and sometimes very challenging process, especially for people who are unfamiliar with computer technology, audio recording, and speech technology. It is doubly challenging for users who may be under significant life stress at the same time they are trying to tackle voice banking. It is not necessarily a technology that is ready for everyone!

We are starting to build out resources on this website specifically geared to helping professionals and others in assisting with voice banking. Starting in early 2016, we will be hosting regular web-based phone-in “office hours” to further help answer questions and receive your feedback on how we can improve this process.

As a first step, we strongly encourage you to register on our site and go through the process of building your own synthetic voice. There is no better way to gain a clear understanding of voice banking and learn what you need to know to help patients make informed decisions. You may also end up with a voice that you can use in discussing this option with patients.

The process, virtually identical to the process for people who are actually doing voice banking, is:

  1. Register with us to create a secure account.
  2. Choose the recording method you want to use: MTVR (Windows only) or our web-based recording tool.
    • If using MTVR, install it, go through the tutorial, and get set up to record.
    • If using the web recorder, follow our interactive online training.
  3. Record 10 screening sentences, upload them to our server, and wait for an email from us.
    • If everything is fine, we will provide instructions for moving on to step 4.
    • If we see any problems, we can suggest ways to fix them and may ask you to repeat step 3.
  4. Record the full inventory of up to 1600 sentences and upload them to our server. Voice banking patients and voice donors are always encouraged to record the full set of 1600 sentences, for the best quality voice, you may want to do so as well. However, in our experience, even recording as few as about 400 sentences can give you a reasonable amount of experience with the process and provide a synthetic voice that is fairly intelligible.
  5. When you have recorded as many sentences as you want, request your voice and we will build a downloadable voice installer for your computer, mobile device, or speech generating device.